Photo credit: MHT File Photo , Undated Photo

Property Name: Taney Place
Date Listed: 9/22/1972
Inventory No.: CT-39
Location: Adelina Road (MD 508), Adelina, Calvert County

Description: Taney Place is a simple, two-story, hip-roofed, Georgian-style country house, dating from c. 1750. It is on the site of an older dwelling which may have been incorporated into the present one. Five bays wide, the house has a central door with a 3-light transom on the south facade. All of the windows have 6/6 lights. The east and west end elevations of the building are Flemish bond brick, and the front and rear elevations are constructed of brick nogging covered with clapboards. There are two separate chimneys at each end elevation enclosed within the brick walls, and each chimney stack protrudes from the end roof hip at approximately halfway between the roof ridge and the eaves. The interior plan features four rooms on each level, with a full basement. In the basement are four rooms, one of which is connected to the level above by a dumbwaiter. The front living room of the house has an architecturally unusual, perhaps unique, curved wall next to the fireplace.

Significance: Taney Place is significant for its architecture, as well as for its association with Roger Brooke Taney (1777-1864), Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1836 to 1864, who was born and raised at Taney Place. The southern, slave-owning culture surrounding Taney's birthplace affected American history by imbuing certain values and attitudes in Chief Justice Taney, author of the Dred Scott decision in 1856, which was one of the factors that provoked the Civil War.