Photo credit: MHT File Photo , Undated Photo

Property Name: St. John's Chapel of St. Michael's Parish
Date Listed: 3/30/1973
Inventory No.: T-49
Location: Unionville Road (MD 370), Easton, Talbot County

Description: St. John’s Chapel of St. Michael’s Parish is a granite Gothic Revival ruin. Similar to other early Gothic Revival chapels built during the second quarter of the 19th century, St. John’s is basically a rectangular box with a west tower. It is almost identical to the Episcopal Church at Newark, Delaware, except that the Delaware church is covered with stucco and painted white. This type of church is similar to some New England meeting houses, but here the New England steeples are replaced by a crenelated tower. The windows are pointed and have Gothic sashes. The building measures 35’ wide and 50’ deep, not including the square crenelated tower protruding from the west facade. There are the remains of a chancel and sacristy on the east end. The windows and doors have lancet arches composed of four pieces of dressed granite. Two plaster panels of the same size and shape as the side windows flank the entrance tower. Above the double doors in the tower is a huge lancet opening, formerly a window, but now filled in with boards. Below the top of the tower and above the arch is a short arcade. At each corner of the structure is a square buttress which extends above the former gable roof. The chapel having been abandoned around 1895 and allowed to deteriorate, few pews, sashes, blinds, etc. have survived. Nevertheless, enough detail remains to effect accurate restoration drawings of the vestibule and nave.

Significance: St. John's Chapel of St. Michael's Parish was the first Gothic Revival granite church constructed in Talbot County, as well as the first on the Eastern Shore. It has survived to date as a ruin.